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New Dover now has online giving!  For more information see the article below and try it out.


Please see or call Marcia D’Arcy (908-599-3957) if you feel that this is a way you can serve at New Dover. Thank you.

New Dover UMC
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Saturday, 28 January 2012 23:46

Vacation Bible School - 2014

Our week of Weird Animals VBS was amazing!

Learning that even when you are left out, different, don't understand, you do wrong or are afraid, JESUS LOVES YOU!

Our Kid to Kid mission for 2014 was a water project at the Jamaa Leto Orphanage in the South Congo, Africa, to drill two wells for children to have safe drinking water. Each day the children could bring a contribution to fill a water jug. For information about the water project, please click on the following link.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 July 2014 23:29
Pastoral Care
 Reverend Dr. Vijaya Kumar

Reverend Dr. Vijaya Kumar pastors the family of faith at New Dover United Methodist Church in Edison, New Jersey.  He assumed the responsibility for spiritual leadership in 2012 and has continued to be a blessing to our disciples.

While he is available nearly every day and you are encouraged to meet him on Sunday, you may also contact him through via email, through the church office (732-381-9478) or call him at his home (732-388-8179).

Online Giving E-mail

New Dover UMC has introduced online giving in 2014.  Now, even if you are unable to attend services you can still support the church from the convenience of your computer.  In order to use this service you will need to complete the free registration.  Doing so ensures that New Dover associates your gift with you.  So whether you give in person or online your end of year statement will reflect all of your generosity.

This online service is provided by a third party and when you click the link below, a new window appear with our church logo but an "" address.  Don't be concerned as this is how it is intended to work.  The online transaction is encrypted and is as simple to use as online banking or writing a check.

Midweek Inspiration

How can I become a Christian?

Admit that you have sinned in the sight of God. Own up to him the many things in your life that you have said, thought and done that you know deep down were wrong. Be truly sorry for the times you have ignored his love and gone your own way. Be willing to turn from every thought, word, action and habit that you know to be wrong.

Believe in Jesus Christ as the one who died on the cross bearing all the guilt and penalty of your sin. We all deserve to be punished for the wrong we have done in God’s sight. Believe that Jesus took on himself the punishment that you deserved.

Consider that Jesus never promised that it would be easy to follow him. People will misunderstand you, laugh at you, and oppose you, just as they did Jesus himself. Becoming a Christian means accepting Jesus as you Lord and Master. This means that every part of your life – your work, your friendships, your time, your money – all must come under his control.

Accept Jesus Christ into your life to be your Savior to rescue you, your Lord to control you, and your friend to be with you.

Pastor Kumar


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